ACCIONA is a global leader in sustainable solutions, renowned for its presence in renewable energy, infrastructure, and water sectors. We specialize in developing, constructing, and operating renewable energy projects worldwide. Acciona´s mission is to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy by dedicating technical excellence and innovation to all projects, aiming to design a better planet and contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where we operate

Within CaLby2030, ACCIONA is in charge of:

  • Providing partners with relevant data of a real waste-to-energy operating plant, such as flue gas compositions, plant capacity, and power cycle specifics.
  • Providing technical support to our partners, involving the ongoing review of calculations, simulations, and results. As well as offering consultations and aiding in decision making, for example, regarding methodology, operating conditions, and material/energy balances.
  • Taking a pivotal role in the design phase of the demonstration project. This includes tasks like evaluating heat integration between the capture facility and the Acciona retrofitted plant. In addition to carrying out comprehensive assessments encompassing Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), along with technical risk evaluations.

The most relevant CCUS projects where ACCIONA is and has been involved in, are:

  • The most relevant project that Acciona is currently participating and taking a big role in is the ATRIC 4.0 project, where we are technically and economically evaluating three different carbon capture technologies. As well as assessing the viability of green H2 and Methane production using the captured CO2.

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