CARMEUSE TECHNOLOGIES is Carmeuse’s internal engineering company, focused on being a global leader in developing Calcium/Magnesium based solutions to address climate change. Carmeuse is a world-leading producer of lime, limestone, and related services, with 160 years of experience in the extraction and processing of limestone and dolomite into lime-related products.

Within CaLby2030, CARMEUSE is:

  • leading tasks regarding characterization & selection of the Calcium-based material and the validation of the product in several industrial applications
  • responsible of the task linked to the “Exploitation of project results”
  • responsible of the task linked to the “Business Strategy development”

The most relevant CCUS projects where CARMEUSE is and has been involved in, are:

  • C4U – Funded by the EU H2020 programme, the C4U project spans demonstration of two highly efficient solid based CO2 capture technologies for optimal integration into an iron and steel plant and detailed consideration of the safety, environmental, societal, policy and business aspects for successful incorporation into the North Sea Port CCUS industrial cluster in Belgium and the Netherlands. –
  • BACKCAP – The BackCap project aims to develop a new process to capture CO2 from amortized coal-based power plants, retrofitted for back-up power provision in highly renewable electricity networks, while supplying CO2 for use or storage.

Contact person: Monisha Rastogi – email: [email protected]

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