Iren is one of the largest and most dynamic multiutility companies on the Italian scene and operates in the sectors of electricity, thermal energy for district heating and gas, and in the management of integrated water services, environmental services and technological services.

Within CaLby2030, Iren is in charge of:

  • Characterization of the fumes to be treated/tested;
  • Pre-engineering and integration study of a CFB-CaL system: first retrofit concept on an existing WtE plant owned by Iren Ambiente, affiliated entity in CaLby2030;
  • Support in the evaluation of system performance;4. check of compliance with the regulatory/permitting framework.

The most relevant CCUS projects where Iren is and has been involved in, are:

  • STORE&GO project aimed to integrate Power-to-Gas technology into the future European energy system. Three pilot plants were run with different innovative technologies. IREN was involved in the Italian pilot, which combined carbon dioxide from a direct air capture (DAC) unit and electrolytic hydrogen in a micro-methanation reactor with an innovative liquefaction system. The special feature of the plant was DAC unit, absorbing the required CO2 from the atmosphere, closing the carbon cycle. 
  • Saturno. The aim of SATURNO project is to make urban areas and industrial production environmentally sustainable, via both CCU (carbon capture and use) and the conversion of municipal wastes into value-added feedstocks for several sectors. The core of the project is the validation of systems capable of immobilizing CO2 from different sources (e.g., cement plant, micro-CHP, vehicles), and the development of reliable technologies for the conversion of this molecule to chemical intermediates and biofuels.

Contact person: Giulio Buffo – mail: [email protected] 

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