LEAP carries out research, consultancy and technology transfer actions, by embracing innovations in the fields of waste-to-value, smart energy, low carbon and emission control systems. LEAP develops models for process optimization, executes experimental activities at its own and external facilities, coordinates partnerships in private/public funded projects and organizes dissemination initiatives.

Within CaLby2030, LEAP:

  1. develops process models for the techno-economic optimization of the CaL technologies applied in Cement, Steel, Waste-to-Energy and Bio-CHP sectors (WP4) and
  2. evaluates concepts for heat integration between capture facility and the hosting WTE plant in cooperation with technology providers and plant operators (WP5)

The most relevant CCUS projects where LEAP is and has been involved in, are:

Contact person: Maurizio Spinelli - [email protected] 

Internet site: https://www.leap.polimi.it/