Joint event on public perception and business models

14 November 2023 Brussels, Belgium

Joint event on “Public Perception and Business Models” supported by CINEA – Brussels, Belgium, CSIC Room // 14 November 2023

Public perception and business models are key to enabling innovative technologies, guiding the decisions of the policymakers at national and European Commission levels. In addition, more and more Horizon calls require these two aspects to be dealt with in relation to the technology that will be developed in the project.

With more than 20 selected Horizon projects and more than 50 key stakeholders involved in the audience, this joint workshop represents a unique opportunity to strongly impact both on the activities still to be implemented by the ongoing projects and the design of new projects at higher TRL (close to commercial scale). Bringing together stakeholders from various technical projects will provide an excellent networking opportunity for policymakers, building relationships with industry experts, project representatives, investors and policy makers, thus facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and future partnerships.

CaLby2030 together with eCOCO2, CLEANKER and HERCCULES projects has co-organized the event. Martina Fantini from EUCORE Consulting will chair the session on “Public perception” and, together with Jose Serra from eCOCO2 project, will present an overview of the workshop and provide the concluding remarks.

  • Participation (in person only) is free upon registration which must be done by November 6th at the latest on this link: Registration


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