Deliverables - Sensitive

  • D7.1 - Dissemination and Communication plan: It reports the detailed Dissemination and Communication Plan foreseen in Task 7.1, as discussed and approved during the project Kick-off meeting.
  • D8.1 - Project Management Handbook: D8.1 summarises all procedures to be adopted by the consortium in relation to the day-to-day management of the project, including financial management, reporting and quality assurance.
  • D8.2 - Data Management Plan: Deliverable D8.2 reports the Data Management Plan, in compliance with Horizon Europe Programme, which will consider the expected large amount of data collected in the CaLby2030 project. This deliverable will be updated in month M42.
  • D7.3 - Preliminary exploitation plan: Deliverable D7.3 reports the preliminary exploitation plan, which will be revised on a six-month basis, and will consider all emerging opportunities to mainstream the results achieved and ensure their marketability.
  • D1.1 - Detailed design of MAGNUS facility retrofits for CFB- CaL for cement: Deliverable D1.1 reports the retrofitting activities carried out at the MAGNUS facility which are needed to complete the experimental campaigns.
  • D3.1 - Detailed Engineering of the Retrofitting Needed in the Pilot Facility and Commissioning of Changes: D3.1 summarizes the engineering and design works of the retrofitting needed in the La Pereda pilot facility. 
  • D4.1 - Non-validated submodels and pilot-scale models: D4.1 reports the non-validated submodels and pilot-scale models constructed for the four CFB-CaL configurations analyzed in the CaLby2030 project